Nutritional therapy

Two types or approaches are emerging. One is a specialized combination of nutrients used as a targeted cancer therapy, depending on the individual needs of the patient. The other, which also depends on the needs of the patient, is a more general approach seeking to...

Dove Clinic

They tailor their tests and treatments to the individual. They may use Laetrile and Dendritic Cell Therapy to reduce tumor size, C-statin from bindweed for angiogenesis inhibition, homeopathy, diet and nutrition, autohemotherapy or intravenous ozone, acupuncture,...


treats cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many chronic diseases. He uses IVs, Hoxsey, laetrile, nutrition, etc. Costs to go to his clinic are very low compared to many other clinics.CLIN

Dr. Privitera’s Holistic Clinic

treat arthritis, circulatory problems, preventive medicine, chronic fatigue, and PMS in addition to cancer. His approach is to use nutrition, immunological enhancement, chelation, and darkfield microscope.