Creative Life Sciences

Creative Life Sciences’ unique blend of multidisciplinary, expert-level techniques, and trainings provides the spiritual seeker and business– of any level and of any path – with a holistic approach to the awakening, acceleration, and expansion of their Life Purpose...

RowenSu Clinci

Uses advanced biologic therapies that empower patients to achieve optimal health without reliance on pharmaceutical medications.

Quantum Functional Medicine

Offer several modalities of detoxifying the body. By using a variety of techniques such as intravenous chelation, PK protocol, homeopathic detox programs, gut restoration programs, liver support and gallbladder flushes these toxins can be removed and health...

Orange County Immune Institute

Apply scientifically validated alternative cancer treatments and complimentary medicine approaches for chronic diseases that have been poorly addressed by traditional medical methods.

Hyperthermia Cancer Institute

The Hyperthermia Cancer Institute (HCI) is the only ultrasound-based hyperthermia center in Santa Monica, CA, and one of only a few in the United States. Treating each individual patient based upon their specific needs to enhance treatment results, recognizing the...