Creative Life Sciences

Creative Life Sciences’ unique blend of multidisciplinary, expert-level techniques, and trainings provides the spiritual seeker and business– of any level and of any path – with a holistic approach to the awakening, acceleration, and expansion of their Life Purpose...

RowenSu Clinci

Uses advanced biologic therapies that empower patients to achieve optimal health without reliance on pharmaceutical medications.

Willamette Valley Cancer Institute

Uses traditional therapies in conjunction with alternative therapies. During cancer treatment and beyond, we promote an integrative approach to health, incorporating mind and body wellness through complementary therapies, such as naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and survivorship support.

Quantum Functional Medicine

Offer several modalities of detoxifying the body. By using a variety of techniques such as intravenous chelation, PK protocol, homeopathic detox programs, gut restoration programs, liver support and gallbladder flushes these toxins can be removed and health...

Burzynski Research Institute

biopharmaceutical company committed to developing, and delivering cancer therapies based on genomic and epigenomic principles.