Angeles Hospitals Cancer Center

natural and holistic approach that combines the most effective therapies from both conventional and alternative medicine, to obtain a fundamental shift in the approach to allopathic treatment of the oncological patient

Stella Maris Clinic

Stella Maris Clinic offers its expertise and vast professional experience in cancer treatment such i.e., chelation therapy, laetrile, detoxification, etc.

San Diego Clinic

Uses a “Total Integrative Medicine Program” – the use of all major forms of alternative and complementary therapies to treat specific cancers and other degenerative conditions including MS, ALS, and CFS. Therapies include detoxification, nutritional...


treats cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many chronic diseases. He uses IVs, Hoxsey, laetrile, nutrition, etc. Costs to go to his clinic are very low compared to many other clinics.CLIN

Hope4Cancer Institute

Protocols include Local and whole body hyperthermia, SonoPhoto Dynamic Therapy, RaphaEL and AARSOTA cancer vaccines, IVs, detox, immune support, enzyme therapy, full spectrum nutrition and counseling. This small private clinic specializes in glioblastoma multiforme,...