Alternative Cancer Therapies

There are many alternative cancer therapies available. The following descriptions encompass those which are most widely sought. There are additional therapies which we are adding on a second page that are not used as widely to treat cancer.

These listings do not imply an endorsement on the part of The Cancer Cure Foundation. They are included because of their popularity and are for informational purposes only.

For a more comprehensive review, we recommend taking a look at our books, audios, and videos page. Or, you can contact us for a free consultant, or go to one of the companies that offer fee based services.

The Cancer Cure Foundation does not recommend the abandonment of conventional therapies in favor of alternative therapies. That is a matter of personal choice based upon one’s view of the nature of cancer. You should exercise caution before using any cancer treatment, whether conventional or alternative. Every therapy may have potential side effects and should not be used without consulting a health-care practitioner, especially if you are already using another form of therapy, or if you are pregnant or nursing.

If you would like information about a clinic that provides alternative therapy, see our Directory of Clinics, or contact us at (800) 282-2873 or by email at

Alternative Therapies coming soon!

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